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    The Goal: Healthy, Mold-Free Properties

    The first step to a healthy, mold-free property is to invite one of our mold specialists over to your place to conduct a visual inspection. This costs nothing for businesses and property owners, and can be free for renters if they get their landlord involved. This is what you will get…

    • Visual inspection of your entire property
    • Confirmation of whether you have mold
    • Answers about the severity of any mold infestation
    • Assessment of any hidden moisture
    • Pros/cons of paying for mold testing for your situation
    • Options for financing + maximizing insurance payout
    • Comprehensive cost estimate

    Find out what it costs to get the best by filling out our contact form or by calling 904-373-1611. We always get back quickly. 

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      Our Mold Services

      With Pure Maintenance you pay less without sacrificing quality. You also get the job done in less time, with fewer headaches.

      Our patented mold abatement process utilizes dry fog particles that are microns in size; allowing us to effectively disinfect and eliminate more mold on hard and soft surfaces than any other provider that serves the beaches. This cutting-edge approach is sure to save your business time -and money!- as it can kill mold where traditional methods cannot.

      Mold inspector conducting a mold insepction in the crawl space of a home in Neptune Beach

      Mold Inspection

      Don't let mold be a hidden danger in your home. Let the professionals at Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation take care of it! They'll provide an expert visual assessment and check for moisture behind your ceilings and walls to detect both visible and potentially hazardous black mold.

      Mold testing specialist holding a cartridge with an air sample of a home with mold in Atlantic Beach

      Mold Testing

      Our inspections can be used to determine if further testing is needed in regards to your insurance protection and overall home safety. We strive for excellence, so a visual inspection may not always suffice - but rest assured that we will do our best to ensure any extra tests are required only when absolutely necessary!

      Machine dispensing Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation patented dry fog in a bedroom in jacksonville beach

      Mold Remediation

      Our revolutionary patented process eliminates an unprecedented 10X more mold, bacteria and other pathogens than conventional remediation. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology with our innovative processes that make all the difference!

      There is a BEST Approach

      Dry Fog

      — For those who want superior mold remediation , dry fog is impossible to beat. This comprehensive method reaches even hard-to-find areas of your property and eradicates every type of toxic and non-toxic mold found in the Jacksonville Beach area.

      With its unique chemical and micro-physical profile, dry fog offers customers the best value for their money – making it an invaluable addition to any successful remediation project.

      The Unique Benefits That Come From Choosing Pure Maintenance

      100% Guaranteed

      Trust us to get the job done right - every time. We back up our work with third-party independent lab testing, so you can always be sure that your home or business's interior surfaces are cleaner and air quality are better than they've ever been before. The most important outcome from our guarantee is that you will be free from experiencing any health symptoms from the effects of mold and its mycotoxins.

      Ultra Effective

      Our dry fog treatments and antimicrobial coatings are simply unbeatable when it comes to mold remediation efficacy. We cover more surface area than anyone else, and surpass the required dwell time of our fungicidal disinfectants. This impressive claim was put to test by an Army Corps Study. The results confirm that for six months after treatment your home will benefit from continued preventive protection.


      When using our processes, our dry fog dispensers treat a truly impressive 100 to 1000 times more surface area versus traditional methods. With our competitive pricing you get far more bang for your buck. This is achieved through reducing demolition and labor costs. This in turn reduces unnecessary renovation costs. On a per square foot basis - we can easily claim to be the low cost provider. It's not even close.

      Fast Turnaround

      Put your mold problem to bed with our lightning-fast home remediation services! In only a single day, we can address 2000 ft of contamination - five times faster than the national average. Any concern about downtime and inconvenience? You won't find another option that's quicker or more efficient!

      Healthy & Safe

      Your health is dependent upon getting rid of mold throughout your entire premise. With Pure Maintenance no only will we kill mold on every reachable surface in your home, but we will do it twice. Once with our best-in-class sterilant fog , then a second time with our fog anti-microbial coating. Respectively EPA and FDA approved as safe & effective.

      There Within 48 hrs

      We always respond quickly, and in situations that are urgent, an expert from our team can be at your doorstep within 48 hours. At that time a comprehensive mold remediation consultation and estimate will be provided , so you can take the next step to remediate your property and put you and your property back on the path to health..

      HVAC Disinfection Included

      At no extra cost, your HVAC system is professionally cleaned and disinfected with every project. This helps ensure that mold particles trapped in your HVAC don't contaminate the air in your home after we leave. We are proud of the fact that when we perform a job, we make sure that tnot only the visibly effected area is treated, but ensure that pathways for the spreading of mold, like your HVAC system, are treated as welll.

      Remediation of Furnishings

      Also included with every job. Realize the power of our "atomized" disinfectant fog - which annihilates mold and microorganisms in even the tightest spaces, and typically untreated spaces like rugs, mattresses and furnishings, while simultaneously being harmless to sensitive items like paintings, upholstery or computers. Everything in your home, will benefit from the disinfecting power of our solution.

      Foul odors, Viruses & Bacteria

      A follow-on benefit that we provide is the removal of odors caused by organic sources like urine or smoke. Your home is quite literally going to experience a total reset on both air quality and health. So give your home the ultimate cleanse with our comprehensive dry fog process! Our hospital-grade cold sterilants guarantee to eliminate all mold, bacteria and viruses from every room in your home or place of work.

      Some of Our Commercial Clients

      Our Process + Your Other Options

      Our Process

      Like every mold remediation company – we quarantine the most effected areas and eliminate fixtures, sheetrock, flooring and any cladding or furnishings that are beyond repair.  We also hepa-scrub the air when all is complete. However we go two steps further than anyone else.  deep-penetrating patented air purification, and surface cleansing. This is a major differentiator – which removes traces of mold throughout your property. Nobody else does this, because no one else can offer it at a price competitive rate like we can.

      What makes us different?

      At more than 100 Pure Maintenance locations across the country, our innovative dry fog process has made us the clear choice for tens of thousands of customers who we’ve helped experience relief from mold-related illnesses. Our confident approach leads to an unparalleled customer experience – better follow up, outstanding service and a feeling that we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We don’t just stop at providing revolutionary technology; we go above and beyond with exceptional client care.

      Your Options

      Every option includes some scrubbing and wiping.

      When demolition is unavoidable, then demolition will need to be one step in every mold remediation option available to you.

      Where your options really differ is in the method used to kill the mold From that comes several other differentiators…

      • How much demolition, and subsequent “re-build” is necessary based on the chosen option?
      • Which option most effectively gets the job done; killing and denaturing the most mold in your air and on the most surface area ?
      • How quickly can a project can be completed with the least inconvenience?
      • Which is the safest for occupant and pet health?
      • What is the timing for when the job can be done?
      • And other ancillary benefits, like on-going prevention and kill of future mold, and impact to belongings?

      Your other options include UV light, Disinfectant spray/misting, Dry-ice blasting, Wet fog and Ozone. All of which you can learn more about here.

      We Serve St. John's County, Nassau County, and the Beach Communities

      We have purchased the rights to operate with our patented approach in the beach communities and throughout northeast Florida.  If you live in St. Augustinevice, Vliano, Neptune Atlantic or Fernandina Beaches, or anywhere throughout Nassau and St. Johns, give us a call or click “Schedule  Now” below.

      Live outside our service area? Call one of our other Florida service areas by directly visiting floridapuremaintenance.com

      You Have Nothing to Lose

      Worried about potential mold in your home? Let us help lift the weight off your shoulders! For homeowners and businesses, our professional technicians can take a look and give you an expert opinion free of charge.

      You have nothing to lose. 

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