Mold Solutions

Mold Solutions

Through our services, we create tangible results that surpass expectations. Services are something business simply provide.  That isn’t enough for us.  Our 100% guarantee is that we will get the result that you hired us to get.  

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Mold inspector conducting a mold insepction in the crawl space of a home in Neptune Beach

Mold Inspection: Our team specializes in thedetection of mold.  We assess visible and detect hidden growth to help you understand on how far-spread or damaging potential issues may be; allowing for appropriate action before further problems arise.

Three mold petri dishes show positive mold growth from mold testing

Mold Remediation: a process that eliminates the threat of mold and its associated mycotoxins. It works by targeting living species, rendering them powerless to further grow or affect your health in any way.

Machine dispensing Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation patented dry fog in a bedroom in jacksonville beach

Mold Remediation: Mitigate the risk of living mold and its mycotoxins through killing and denaturing all spores. Sometimes used interchangeably with “Mold Removal,” but  and scrubbing the air of any remaining dead spores and mycotoxins. 

Two Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation specialistis removing carpet from a home due to water damage and later contaminated by mold

Mold Removal: This is the physical removal of no longer usable building materials and belongings, followed by scrubbing, and removing from the air of any remaining dead mold spores and mycotoxins.

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