Mold Inspection

Professional mold inspections come in two flavors: a visual inspection and remediation estimate performed by a mold remediation company, or testing and a list of remediation recommendations conducted by an “independent” assessor. 

Mold Inspection:

Your Mold Inspection Options in Florida

From an Independent Assessor

There are three states (NY, FL, TX) with policies that recommend an independent mold inspection be conducted by a stand-alone inspection company.  In Florida the policy applies if you have more than 10 sq ft of visible mold growth, or if it is for a non-residential property.  

An independent inspection typically starts around $400 and can be as much as several thousands dollars.  This cost variation is primarily due to the number of swab and air tests required to properly assess the extent of mold infestation.  The independent assessor then writes up recommended protocols based on their visual inspection and the test results from the third-party lab analysis. 

The policy was designed to empower property owners and renters with unbiased test data and recommendations to make the best possible decision for their restoration needs. 

From a Remediation Company

Most remediation companies are capable of performing a thorough inspection and necessary testing. With this option, you get…

  • a remediation cost  estimate during your first visit
  • one fewer visit than if you use an independent assessor
  • potentially avoid spending money on unnecessary testing
  • the remediation company recommending themselves

You are not required by law to use an independent assessor if you are a commercial location or have mold that has visibly spread beyond 10 square feet.  There are pros and cons to both options and the choice is ultimately up to you.  

Our take is if you have good reason to trust the remediation company, then this is a very good option.


Certified by the State of Florida, our seasoned technicians have completed hundreds of inspections with the goal of always achieving 5-star customer satisfaction. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch mold assessments for businesses and residents in Nassau, Duval and St. John’s counties.

It is not required, but recommended by Florida state policy.

For commercial customers

Our dry fog is often the most cost-effective solution for businesses looking to minimize building downtime. Due to the exclusive rights we have to our patented dry fog protocol, business and governmental organizations frequently seek us out for our expertise in demolition, clean-up, and mold treatment .

To satisfy Florida state policy that recommends that all businesses first hire an assessor before choosing a remediation company, we can make recommendations on who we’ve found to be the most trustworthy, independent and certified mold assessors in the business

Keep in mind that there is no law that you have to comply with this policy.

For our residential customers

For instances where there’s less than 10 square feet of contiguous mold, we can comply with state policy and both inspect AND perform necessary remediation quickly and easily.

For mold infestation greater than 10 sq ft, spending $400 with an independent assessor then waiting three days for test results to return from an external lab may comply with policy, but it isn’t required

Not every mold clean-up job needs an officially certified inspection. if mold growth is obvious from a visual inspection, then hiring a remediation company immediately will get your property back to health quicker than going the independent assessor route first, then hiring a remediation company afterwards.

Fast Response

We understand that mold issues can’t wait – and neither do we. That’s why our team of professionals is ready to inspect your property within 24 hours, or even faster if the situation requires it! Don’t hesitate; contact us right away for prompt service when you need it most.

Most of the time, mold testing or air quality tests are not necessary when dealing with visible mold in a residential setting. Florida state regulations only mandate that these assessments be done if there is 10 contiguous square feet or more. However, should you choose to proceed directly into remediation without further testing that is entirely up to you, and compliance with a state regulation is not required.

Two things to consider… if you have a health issue from the mold and fixing it is dependent on knowing the type of mold and extent of exposure, then mold testing is a good idea.  Your insurance company may require the testing data for any claim. 

Otherwise, investing money in an inspection where mold is clearly present is  typically unnecessary and can be avoided.

For residential and commercial customers a mold test processed by a trusted third-party certified lab is only one $199 per test. However we do offer a slight discount for a large number of tests.


Filing an insurance claim for your next home project can be a daunting and complex process. Luckily, we have the answer! We work with every property insurance company in North Florida.

We bring you hassle-free help in navigating your way through paperwork – so you don’t have to interpret policies on your own. Our team will provide guidance directly or introduce you to a certified public adjusters who is qualified to assist you in getting claims approved at the maximum possible amount. 

Speed Up Your Inspection

If you answered “yes” to both questions; testing isn’t required, and you can save 3 days of time.

    Why Pure Maintenance is Your Best Choice

    With an unbeatable mold remediation process, Pure Maintenance has helped over 30,000 customers nationwide. We provide a solution that is faster and more cost-effective than traditional methods with our exclusive green and non-toxic dry fog protocol that starts with a hospital grade EPA verfieid sterilant and is followed by the application of an FDA approved antimicrobial. This protocol has saved individual residential & commercial customers thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars!

    Get your estimate today, and find out how getting the best can also deliver a savings. 

    Our revolutionary Dry Fog technology provides a powerful solution to mold remediation. Its particles are tiny enough that they permeate everywhere, penetrating even the tiniest of crevices unseen by the naked eye – eliminating any traces of black mold in their paths! No other method allows you this precision: vapors go exactly where liquid cannot reach and eradicate potential problems.

    To understand how effective our service is, consider an example of a 2000 sq ft home with 20 square feet of combined visible and hidden black mold.  Traditional mold removal methods would be confined to maybe a 100sqft area. Whereas we provide that same focused removal when necessary, plus treat your entire home, including all your belongings, mattresses, with a dry fog sterilant. Then we fog the entire premise a second time with an preventative coating, to keep mold away for 90-days or longer.

    We built this system to help our customers avoid any lingering health issues. No other solution compares.

    With Jacksonville Beach’s notorious humidity, mold spores and their mycotoxins that originate in a bathroom, kitchen, roof or elsewhere easily spreads throughout property. Every time. That is why we go above and beyond the traditional approach to home sanitation; not only do we target 2000 sq ft of floor area with our hospital-grade cold sterilant, but the ceiling walls, interior of your hvac, belongings and other surfaces for far more than  20,000+ sqft. Literally every surface in your entire home! Remeber 20 sq ft of mold, but 20,000 sq ft treated.  We could reasonably claim that we are a 1000X more effective than competing solutions.

    With Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation – Jacksonville Beach, get an ultra-deep clean feel and 90 days ‘round the clock protection that provides an ongoing cleaning effect .

    With a total home cleanse, your house will reach its highest level of cleanliness – better than when it was first constructed! This specialized service eliminates the risk of any spores taking hold and ensures that you enjoy improved air quality. Investing in this unique treatment is truly an investment into your health.  Nothing else quite like it on the market.

    Avoid major costs on your mold removal project with our exclusive and patented process.

    Not only can we help you dodge up to $600 in inspection fees, if they prove to be unnecessary, but we can also lessen the labor and material cost that would normally accompany demolition and the associated reconstruction!

    If those savings aren’t enough for you, we even provide access to public adjusters to engage your property insurance company with the goal of no out-of-pocket cost altogether.

    When searching for the right mold remediation professionals, make sure they are bonded and insured to cover up to one million dollars of damages. Additionally, check their Florida State certification and license status so you can be confident any assessment or project will meet the required Sunshine State standards.

    These are basic checks that all are entitled to, and it is worth ensuring you are not settling for anything less.

    The national average of cleaning up a home’s mold infestation is over seven days, but with us it’s done in no more than two days.

    For our residential customers that means less disruption to your life. For our commercial customers it means less downtime and impact to revenue.

    Experience peace of mind that comes with knowing your indoor air quality is clean and healthy. Our specialized dry fog mold remediation process guarantees outdoor-level air or better, no matter where in your home you take a test reading – we guarantee it!

    We use third party lab tests to compare outside and inside mold count per cubic meter before and after our remediation procedures. This way every customer can be assured their property is safe from lingering airborne contaminants.

    When only the best will do for you family’s health, you know who to call!

    The Process

    From start to finish the mold remediation and  mold removal portion of your project can take as little as five days.

    Total time for both visits and the follow up call to review lab results is typically just 8 hours

    image/svg+xml Pre Mold Inspection & Test Mold Remediation PostAir QualityTest

    (40-minute visit)

    (6-12 hour visit)

    (20-minute review by phone)

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    Get the Best Restoration Solution in Florida

    We guarantee you will get the best possible results, while paying less per square foot than you would with any other provider in Florida.

    1. Pure Maintenance inspects your location
    2. Then creates a mold remediation plan
    3. Then emails an estimate (which contains a link to apply for financing)
    4. Once the application is complete and approved, Pure Maintenance will execute the mold remediation plan

    Application takes 5 minutes and you see your options within seconds. No late fees, no prepayment fees, & no origination fees. Checking eligibility does not impact your credit score

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