Air Quality & Mold Testing

Do you need to know the types and concentration of mold in your air or surfaces because your healthcare provider or insurance company require it? The benefits of testing, can far outweigh the cost.  Schedule a visual inspection and estimate today. While at your property we will review your unique situation, provide guidance on whether you need testing, and provide you a remediation estimate.


Invite a Mold Specialist Over to Conduct Testing

When you request a mold specialist to visit your property to conduct mold testing, they will also provide a visual inspection. This visual assessment is free for property owners, but mold testing has a cost.  All testing starts with taking one air sample in the affected area inside, and another control air sample immediately outside for comparison. Two or more indoor samples are often necessary to properly assess the impact to occupant health and to meet insurance companies’ requirements for submitting a claim.

Mold Testing Service

Get the answers you need about mold found growing at your property – what types are growing, their toxicity, and the extent to which mold has caused damage, including the possibility of structural damage.

Our licensed team at Pure Maintenance provides comprehensive assessments in Jacksonville Beach, Nassau, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach and throughout St. John’s and Nassau Counties. Don’t live in these areas? We have locations throughout Florida and preferred partners that we can refer you to nearly anywhere in the nation.

Contact us today for a personalized inspection estimate: (904) 373-1611.

Air Quality vs Swab Test

There are two types of mold testing: the air quality test, where a representative sample of the air in a given room is taken, and the mold swab test.

If you only want to know the concentration of mold in the air of the primary effected room, then one indoor air sample is enough.  Dozens of samples can be taken to test for dozens of different mycotoxins emitted by molds.

Mold swab tests include swabbing visibly present mold with a q-tip and sending the sample to a lab to find out the mold type.

Given that mold on a surface can’t affect you, air quality testing is the gold standard and the way to answer the question of what is most directly affecting your health.

Get Insurance to Pay

Your property insurance policy could pay for the cost of water damage restoration and mold remediation.

Find your policy and call your insurance company to find out how best to process a claim. If they require the proof that testing provides, then give us a call, and we will get you the data you need for insurance to pay.

We can offer assistance with necessary paperwork or recommend an experienced public adjuster if you would prefer to not work with your insurance company.  

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Request Testing and...

    Why Pure Maintenance is Your Best Choice

    With an unbeatable mold remediation process, Pure Maintenance has helped over 30,000 customers nationwide. We provide a solution that is faster and more cost-effective than traditional methods with our exclusive green and non-toxic dry fog protocol that starts with a hospital grade EPA verfieid sterilant and is followed by the application of an FDA approved antimicrobial. This protocol has saved individual residential & commercial customers thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars!

    Get your estimate today, and find out how getting the best can also deliver a savings. 

    Our revolutionary Dry Fog technology provides a powerful solution to mold remediation. Its particles are tiny enough that they permeate everywhere, penetrating even the tiniest of crevices unseen by the naked eye – eliminating any traces of black mold in their paths! No other method allows you this precision: vapors go exactly where liquid cannot reach and eradicate potential problems.

    To understand how effective our service is, consider an example of a 2000 sq ft home with 20 square feet of combined visible and hidden black mold.  Traditional mold removal methods would be confined to maybe a 100sqft area. Whereas we provide that same focused removal when necessary, plus treat your entire home, including all your belongings, mattresses, with a dry fog sterilant. Then we fog the entire premise a second time with an preventative coating, to keep mold away for 90-days or longer.

    We built this system to help our customers avoid any lingering health issues. No other solution compares.

    With Jacksonville Beach’s notorious humidity, mold spores and their mycotoxins that originate in a bathroom, kitchen, roof or elsewhere easily spreads throughout property. Every time. That is why we go above and beyond the traditional approach to home sanitation; not only do we target 2000 sq ft of floor area with our hospital-grade cold sterilant, but the ceiling walls, interior of your hvac, belongings and other surfaces for far more than  20,000+ sqft. Literally every surface in your entire home! Remeber 20 sq ft of mold, but 20,000 sq ft treated.  We could reasonably claim that we are a 1000X more effective than competing solutions.

    With Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation – Jacksonville Beach, get an ultra-deep clean feel and 90 days ‘round the clock protection that provides an ongoing cleaning effect .

    With a total home cleanse, your house will reach its highest level of cleanliness – better than when it was first constructed! This specialized service eliminates the risk of any spores taking hold and ensures that you enjoy improved air quality. Investing in this unique treatment is truly an investment into your health.  Nothing else quite like it on the market.

    Avoid major costs on your mold removal project with our exclusive and patented process.

    Not only can we help you dodge up to $600 in inspection fees, if they prove to be unnecessary, but we can also lessen the labor and material cost that would normally accompany demolition and the associated reconstruction!

    If those savings aren’t enough for you, we even provide access to public adjusters to engage your property insurance company with the goal of no out-of-pocket cost altogether.

    When searching for the right mold remediation professionals, make sure they are bonded and insured to cover up to one million dollars of damages. Additionally, check their Florida State certification and license status so you can be confident any assessment or project will meet the required Sunshine State standards.

    These are basic checks that all are entitled to, and it is worth ensuring you are not settling for anything less.

    The national average of cleaning up a home’s mold infestation is over seven days, but with us it’s done in no more than two days.

    For our residential customers that means less disruption to your life. For our commercial customers it means less downtime and impact to revenue.

    The national average of cleaning up a home’s mold infestation is over seven days, but with us it’s done in no more than two days.

    For our residential customers that means less disruption to your life. For our commercial customers it means less downtime and impact to revenue.

    Testing & The Mold Remediation Process

    There are pros and cons to testing before mold remediation. We share what those are and you choose what you want to do.  Post air quality testing is always done to verify that the mold count per cubic meter has been brought within an acceptable air quality standard. We are proud of the fact that we can compete our part of the restoration process as fast as anybody around. From your first phone call to our final phone call where we review the results, you can typically expect less than two weeks turnaround for an average size home.

    image/svg+xml Pre Mold Inspection & Test Mold Remediation PostAir QualityTest

    (40-minute test / inspection)

    (6-12 hours)

    (20-minute review by phone)

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